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Iced Red Velvet Amigurumi Donut Bear Plushy

Regular price $24.00
Donuts are adorable! I could look at them forever. I feel the very same way about teddy bears. Some nights I simply can not sleep because I can't stop looking at all the kawaii teddy bears in my collection! Teddy bear cuteness, yummy donut cuteness, along with my unending love of sugary frosting, all come together in my newest amigurumi plushy- Donut Bear! He's a donut!  A red velvet cake donut with vanilla icing!  And he's a teddy bear!  With pink little cheeks, a cute snout, and ears you'll want to squeeze!  A wise muse once pointed out, the enticing power of donuts doesn't come from the actual sugar, it's the sweet aesthetic that tempts and delights us!  Donut Bear takes that sweetness right over the top!  He's deliciously adorable and he can't wait to become your new sweet teddy best friend!

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