Big Octos!

Super Cute Mustache Octo Amigurumi Plushy

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Andbutso, for as far back as I can remember I've had a fascination with mustaches! My dad had one of those old time mustache mugs, with the little ledge inside, to keep his mustache from getting coffee on it. As kids, my brother and I loved using that mug, and we loved drawing mustaches on pictures of eachother and on any and all faces in our school books! As a teenager, my dream was to draw mustaches on the too-perfect-to-be-real Abercrombie & Fitch models in the store's window at the mall. Let's be honest, that's still my dream. And someday maybe it shall come true, but since I'm good and civilized (and not destructive), for now I draw mustaches on felt and I cut them out and I put them on Octo!

Size:  Approx. 6 inches                                                Materials:  Acrylic yarn, plastic safety eyes, polyester fiberfill, felt

Please note that all my plushies are made to order, and require 1-2 weeks for completion, before shipment.

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