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CROCHET PATTERN for Swirly Smiley Latte Amigurumi

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I love coffee, meaning: Even when I’m in the middle of drinking coffee, I wish I were drinking coffee! I get truly lovesick over a swirly latte, steaming hot in a bowl-shaped mug! Puts me in a frothy happy and cozy daze! And when I’m half-way finished with my latte? I’ll wish it was full again, and fresh, and perfect, like the moment it was poured, brimming with swirls of coffee and milk and the promise of warmth and happiness! I know I am not alone in my coffee adoration! With this Swirly Smiley Latte amigurumi, I’ve endeavored to capture our ever- fleeting moments of coffee bliss in plushy form! And! I’ve endeavored to find a new way to crochet in swirling rivets! Hope you’ll come try my new technique with me, over coffee ;)

*Listing is for pattern only, not finished toy. I am always available to answer questions as you work through the pattern. This is an original pattern by Rachelle Castiglione of SugarPopCrochet and you may not sell or distribute this pattern. You may not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Pattern is for your own personal use only. Please credit SugarPopCrochet as the designer when sharing items made from this pattern.

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