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CROCHET PATTERN for Chef Kitty’s Cupcake Masterpiece

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As you may know, all my kitties are kooky! But one of them in particular is far and away the kookiest and that is none other than (the inimitable) Chef Kitty.  If you don't yet know about this self-proclaimed Feline Master Chef, aquaint yourself with the one and only Chef Kitty here.

Chef Kitty may be a whirlwind of utter mayhem when he's experimenting in the kitchen but, Eureka! It's all worth it!  Kitty’s figured out the best cupcake recipe in the history of sugar! Just look at his proud little smile! He looks triple pleased with himself! Betcha he thinks he’s quite the Cupcake Master!  He's intent on spreading his cupcake expertise far and wide, and he can't wait to start showing other cupcake chefs how it's done!  

Well, we can just think of this pattern as Kitty’s Super Cute Cupcake Master Class!  

*Listing is for pattern only, not finished toy. Pattern includes cupcake only, not Chef Kitty. I am always available to answer questions as you work through the pattern. This is an original pattern by Rachelle Castiglione of SugarPopCrochet (August 2016) and you may not sell or distribute this pattern. You may not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Pattern is for your own personal use only. Please credit SugarPopCrochet as the designer when sharing items made from this pattern.

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