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CROCHET PATTERN for Fumfort! The Comfort Kitty! Kawaii Cat Amigurumi!

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This is Fumfort! His singular purpose in life is to comfort you, and I never get tired of watching him scheme up new ways to make the whole world seem sweet and wonderful! He'll do just about anything to see you smile! He's a fabulous storyteller and he does all the voices when he reads his favorite kid lit out loud. He has been known to stay up all night painstakingly cutting out rainbow stars, so he can throw confetti over himself to make you laugh. And if ever in life the story starts to get too sad, he'll rewrite it with a chubby plushy pencil! His favorite trick is one he stole from me, and that is to leave little pressies for you to happen upon when you least expect it. He's delightfully talented in the lost art of note writing, and he knows exactly which kind of sweets are your favorite! He truly is the comfort kitty. I had originally wanted to named him Comfort, and the conversation went something like this:
Me: Kitty, you're so sweet and you bring me such comfort. I think Comfort shall be your official name.
Kitty: Fumfort!
Me: Silly kitty, I said Comfort.
Kitty: Fumfort!
And so it was that his official title became Fumfort, the Comfort Kitty, and his cute and kooky antics know no limits!

*Listing is for pattern only, not finished toy. I am always available to answer questions as you work through the pattern. This is an original pattern by Rachelle Castiglione of SugarPopCrochet (July, 2016) and you may not sell or distribute this pattern. You may not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Pattern is for your own personal use only. Please credit SugarPopCrochet as the designer when sharing items made from this pattern.

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