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CROCHET PATTERN for Amigurumi Cloud Kawaii Plushy, Crochet Clouds in 3 sizes, Cloud Amigurumi Pattern Bundle

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For some time now, I’ve been contemplating kawaii clouds! What exactly should a cute cloud look like? I decided to ask the experts! I asked my crochet students (the Crochet Kids!) to doodle smiling clouds! And doodle them, they did! With classic childhood charm! You know how kids make those round bumps all the way around in an oval shape? I knew that was the contour drawing I wanted! And, I knew I wanted one bump on each end, three on the top, and two on the bottom! And of course, a kawaii face: big shiny eyes set wide apart, a V-shaped smile, and the sweet pink cheeks that the Crochet Kids call ”blushies.” What I needed was a crochet magical spell to make my dream cloud possible in three dimensions! What I discovered was that the necessary magic was right here in my crochet bag of tricks all along! This pattern is all about applying our amigurumi skills in new ways to achieve effects we wouldn’t have thought possible! Once you see the way the design works, you can then crochet happy clouds in three sizes, with one stitch pattern, by changing the yarn weight and hook size! I explain it all in detail, with plenty of photos.This pattern is dedicated to the Crochet Kids, and to the cloudwatchers, the doodlers, the daydreamers, and to all of us who seek to make kawaii magic with our amigurumi crochet!

*Listing is for pattern only, not finished toy. I am always available to answer questions as you work through the pattern. This is an original pattern by Rachelle Castiglione of SugarPopCrochet (February, 2018) and you may not sell or distribute this pattern. You may not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Pattern is for your own personal use only. Please credit SugarPopCrochet as the designer when sharing items made from this pattern.

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