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CROCHET PATTERN for Mr. Boss Cutie, Super Cute Amigurumi Giraffe

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Here's a little bit of Mr. Boss Cutie back story!  I've always envied those acro kids that can flip and fly and bend into pretzel shapes!  They make it look easy! I was ecstatic when, at a recent craft fair, a team of national level tumblers stormed my booth!  They were literally bouncing and bounding with enthusiasm for my plushies, especially my giraffe, whom they quickly named "Mr. Boss Cutie!"
No words could recreate the mayhem, but my favorite exclamation of the day was the ever-quotabe "He has a tie! That's important!"  
Here is the original pattern for the giraffe that so delighted the girls from tumbling team.  I hope you have oodles of fun throwing together your own giraffe plushie from my pattern!  This design is forever dedicated to the tumblers, and may we all follow their exuberant example!    

*Listing is for pattern only, not finished toy. I am always available to answer questions as you work through the pattern. This is an original pattern by Rachelle Castiglione of SugarPopCrochet (December, 2015) and you may not sell or distribute this pattern. You may not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Pattern is for your own personal use only. Please credit SugarPopCrochet as the designer when sharing items made from this pattern.

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