Yummy Food with Faces!

Smiley Amigurumi Strawberry Bag Charm or Keychain

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Confession: I sometimes get super attached to cute foods!  I'll come upon a strawberry that's just too cute to eat and I'll put it on display on my table and I'll marvel at its innate beauty, and then the inevitable happens- I end up with a broken heart when I finally realize that I can't make the cuteness last forever!  This smiling amigurumi plushy bag charm is a smiley faced tribute to the joy of kawaii strawberries, and the sweet adorable effect will definitely last a whole lot longer than the real thing!

Size:  Approx. 2.5 inches                                             Materials:  Acrylic yarn, plastic safety eyes, polyester fiberfill

Please note that all my plushies are made to order, and require 1-2 weeks for completion, before shipment.

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