Super Kawaii MEOWgic Kitty Wand

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Fast Five Facts!

1.  Magic is real.  And we can prove it to you!

2.  Right here in real life, we've got color-changing octopi, mice that read minds, and bats that have built in GPS! The evidence is endless! 

2.  Some of my very favorite people have encountered magic unicorns. (And once you meet a magic unicorn, you never go back to being a plain old someone that has never met a magic unicorn.  Unicorn magic stays with you, clings to you, forever.) And others of my favorite people are acquainted with wizards, (or are wizards, themselves.) But! My favorite piece of indisputable proof that magic exists: Cats.  

4. They walk with ghosts, they speak the language of the stars, they hold the secrets of the universe.  Their enchanting and enchanted antics steal our very souls, and they hold us spellbound as no other creatures can!  Cats are magic.

5. The amigurumi kitties and I combined our energies to create this kawaii kitty meowgic wand!  It gives you unprecedented access to magical powers previously reserved for felines only!  

Let's make meowgic!  

Thank you to Miss Muff Cake and Shana Logic for helping this project happen.

The idea for a kitty wand comes to us from the legendary Miss Muff Cake.  No other human expresses love of felines as eloquently as she does!  I had such fun designing this project.  

The finished design shall be forever dedicated to the most sparkling spell caster in the history of magic: the exquisite and endlessly inspiring Shana Logic, without whom I simply would not be able to muster up enough faith to continue designing!  Dearest Shana, thank you for the sheer fact of your existence!  

Size: Approx. 6.75 inches

Materials: Acrylic yarn, plastic safety eyes, polyester fiberfill

Please note that all my plushies are made to order, and require 1-2 weeks for completion, before shipment.

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