The Teeniest Tiniest Amigurumi Octopus Miniature Plushy

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Teeny tiny octos are here to help us do gigantic good and great things!

Perhaps, like Amy, you've always wanted to give blood, but feared you'd fainted dead away at first sight of the needle? 

Or maybe, like Grayson, you wanted to stand up at the poetry slam and read the poem you painstakingly wrote from your heart, but then everyone would know how weird you truly were?

It could be that, like Mr W, you wanted to say YES to the opportunity to climb the world's highest mountain peak, but then, what if you couldn't make it all the way to the top?

Teeny Octo is here to remind us to empower our true selves, and not our fear!   And it's true, Teeny Octo can't promise you ideal outcomes.  He's just there as a kawaii reminder to smile and get out of your own way!  

And yes.  Amy gave blood.  Grayson read the poem.  Mr W made it to the top.  So can I, and so can you!

Size: Approx. 1 inch.

Materials: Acrylic yarn, plastic safety eyes, polyester fiberfill

Please note that all my plushies are made to order, and require 1-2 weeks for completion, before shipment.

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