Top Hat Kitty! The Cutest Off-Kilter Kitty Amigurumi!

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He truly is a bit off-kilter, my Top Hat Kitty, and in the greatest of ways!  He stays up all night till dawn reading Lewis Carroll (unabridged only, of course!).  He walks around absentmindedly quoting Shakespeare aloud, ("Haply I think on thee") and then he proceeds to trip over his own feet!  He uses words like "pardon" and "rubbish" and "anticlockwise" in everyday conversation, but I have yet to hear him "meow!" He can recite Edger Allen Poe's "The Raven" right off the top of his head.  But he can't find his way from the bed to the couch, and he gets lost trying to find his food bowl.  He hasn't a clue about playing with cat toys, because he'd rather study math (which he calls "maths").  It's true, he falls hopelessly short when it comes to common sense, and he has none of the jumping, purring, or clawing abilities cats are known for.  He is impractical, abstracted, detached, romantic, literary, slightly pretentious, and completely ridiculous!  We love him so!

Size: Approx. 5.5 inches, including (removable) hat                  Materials: Acrylic yarn, plastic safety eyes, polyester fiberfill, felt

Please note that all my plushies are made to order, and require 1-2 weeks for completion, before shipment.

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